Why I'm Here

You are too busy!  You have work, soccer practice, play practice and company events.  You have Tuesday nights from hell, when your kids have voce lessons and soccer practice across town, at the same time!  You have loads of laundry to fold, class projects to complete, son's and daughters to counsel and a family to feed.  Eating out gets old and you're family's health is suffering.  I'm here to help!

It's your turn!  It's your week to provide the team meal or dinner for the cast.  That Sign-Up-Genious seemed like a great idea, when it was everyone else's turn... Your friend just had a baby or lost a love one and you want to send something comforting.  You want to send something that they will remember.  Something healthy and something they haven't had before.  I'm here to help!     

It's party time!  You have a corporate event, small gathering or brunch and are tired of the having the same chicken wings, dry meatballs and cheese.  You want to make a statement with great food that your guests will remember.  I'm here to help!

I'm here to make YOU a hero.  I'm here to make sure that your family has a few great meals a week.  I'm here to make sure that the team gets a great meal on your night.  I'm here to make sure that everyone is talking about the food at your next private party or corporate event.  I am here to be YOUR personal Gourmet Chef!