Meet The Diva 1

Hi!  I'm Monette.  I grew up in Halls, Tennessee and attended the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!).  I have 4 children (5 if you include my husband ;-)) two that are now in college and two that will soon be on their way.  I love to cook.  Actually, I love to watch people eat.  While I have always cooked for my family and for friend's parties, several years ago, I realized that I have a gift that needs to be shared.

I know how you feel.  I know how it feels to have a million things to do and no time to get any of it done.  I know how it feels to look at the clock, realize the day is gone and know that my family will be eating out, Again.  I know how it feels to have friends with babies or who have lost loved ones and not want to send the same thing that everyone else will send.  I know how it feels to go to corporate events where the really expensive food is just not very good.   I know how it feels to throw a party or be volunteered for a "pot luck" and have no time to get it done. In short, I understand how YOU feel. 

 There are services that will deliver ingredients to make a meal but, if you have a hundred things going on, you still don't have the time! My goal is to help make your life a little easier and to make the food at your next event the topic of conversation.

Give My Diva a try.  You will see that we are anything but ordinary.  Let's talk soon.